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The humanities are essential to understanding and society. They reveal who we are, who we have been, what we have thought, and how we think. They are the archive of human accomplishment and failure, of human imagination and aspiration. They are a resource for individuals seeking to know their thoughts and beliefs and for communities and society in constant search of greater good. The World Humanities Report showcases the contributions the humanities make to knowledge and society across the globe and offers recommendations for the humanities in the 21st century.

Recommendation Highlights From Report


Preserve Archives, Both Physical and Virtual

Archives are essential resources for understanding human experience past, present, and future. Ensure the creation and protection of accessible archives, including libraries, museums, and collections, both physical and virtual. Develop strategies to ensure that digital archives remain accessible and up to date.

Affirm the Place of the Humanities in Higher Education

Ensure that critical and interpretive inquiry, literature, philosophy, and the arts are supported in colleges and universities and ensure that they remain available and accessible to all students, from early education through high-level research. Test highlight.


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